Delete User Data - What data is gone?

According to Glide Docs, This will delete user-specific data, comments, favorites, login records, and other data pertaining to this user. You still need to remove this user’s data from your sheets and tables. Deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

What exactly could “other data pertaining to this user” be? i’m assuming thats not rows in tables that the user has updated or maybe added? is it internal data stored on the user in Glide?

and when we add the user again with the same email, are there any possible issues?

I’m assuming it’s a blanket statement to cover any other internal data that may not have been mentioned. I’m confident that it does not include any visible data in your tables.

There shouldn’t be any issues if the user signs in again. It should treat them like a brand new user.


It seems to be a great solution for quickly deleting user specific data.
Just tried it on a couple users who I cannot even access their accounts on the builder and now everything is fine their accounts work

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