📆 Date/time formats

I had seen it in staging the other day. I was surprised that it was in production.

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Hi @Mark,

In my gsheet, I have set all dates using the UI format as advised, even if my app is French (and so dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy).

In the data editor, I see my date column and I apply the “short” dat (only) format. It appears correctly in the dd/mm/yyyy format. That’s ok, and alo OK when the date is displayed by text components within my app.

But, using a bar chart, I noticed a bug : dates format is not managed correctly. See hereafter what happens :


Displayed as “text”, the date is correct, I mean in the expected format (dd/mm/yyyy). But using graph, US format…

There’s probably a way to work around this problem, by casting these dates as text in the correct format. But my app is going to be full of data soon, so if I can avoid to add non necessary data in the sheet, it would be better for me…

Anyway, I dont put lot of pressure for this problem, it’s not so critical : I can explain to end users.


I see the bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!


Hi @Mark,

There have been issues with Date/Time formats for the last few days. It’s causing some serious issues with an app I’m relying on for scheduling purposes. Formats are getting changed, seemingly for no reason. My Sheet’s array formulas aren’t even able to get the formatting corrected in the sheet, which is leading to relations not matching, etc etc.

Can someone look at this asap? I’d be happy to provide access to my app to an admin who can look at the issues through a private message (as the app has private information).

Thank you


I have the same problem, my date format is DD/MM/YYYY in the first picture using calendar the date is displayed with MM/DD/YYYY the second picture it is correctly displayed.

Hi, had the same problem earlier this week, and changing the Spreadsheet Settings outlined here solved the issue for me. https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/components/pickers/date-time#date-formats-and-locales

For some reason, both my Locale and Time Zone were both set to London, even though I live in the U.S. So, I changed them both to U.S. (where I live) and problem was solved.

Here’s another place in the documentation that talks about this: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/using-sheets/sheets-faq#im-having-problems-with-date-and-time-formatting

Let me know if this works…

See this post below, and let me know if changing the Spreadsheet Settings works, as outlined here by Glide staff: 📆 Date/time formats

In my case not work correctly, because my location is Brazil, and my time zone is (GMT-03:00) São Paulo

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The change we pushed on Tuesday is that Glide will now read the underlying date/time value for date/time columns which have a format set in the Data Editor.

In other words, if you have a date/time column which you have formatted in Glide, Glide will now ignore the format in your spreadsheet and will read the underlying value.

If somebody could share the app that’s showing weird behavior that would be very helpful. Please let me know what you expect to see, and what you’re actually seeing.

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I posted this issue in another thread: Pretty Timestamp not displaying in Tile Caption

Can Glide’s Date/Time formats be standardized to one format — and not change based on a user’s location? I have relations based on formulas that seem to break if the app receives values from users who are in different locations that use different default date formats.

Are you sure that’s the case? Can you show me what you see in the spreadsheet?

…following this thread!

It’s more in the Editor. When I created my app on my laptop, my dates were added as “2020-04-07” for example.

When I opened the Editor on my phone to make a quick update, my dates in the Editor were in “04/07/2020” format. This caused a relation I created based on the YYYY-MM-DD format to break.

Thinking about it… it’s possible that my laptop thinks it’s American, but my phone thinks it’s Canadian. That being said, the Locale of my spreadsheet doesn’t change, but the Glide Editor formats may be based on the device’s locale now and not the spreadsheet’s.

For this reason, I think the Editor needs to use a consistent format (like M/D/YYYY) in order to ensure any other columns that may depend on the date format are consistently calculated and won’t break if the Editor is opened on a device that is configured in a different locale.

This may only be an issue in the Editor though, as submissions are still saved in the format of the sheet. The Editor’s displayed formats though are based on the device’s locale (I think) which causes inconsistencies. Sorry for the long-winded explanation. This is tough to test if all the testing is done in one area, so it could be complicated to determine (and explain) the underlying issue.

What’s shown in Data Editor are the formatted values, according to the language you have set on your device/browser. What’s used to compute relations, however, are the underlying values, which are independent of your locale.

Are you saying that’s not what you’re seeing? That relations are computed differently dependent on the browser’s language?

My relation is based on a formula in my sheet that converts a date to text using a formula (i.e. text(A2, "M/D/YYYY))

If the Editor is opened in a different locale, this formula breaks and my date formats in the other column that my formula is trying to match are now not in M/D/YYYY Format, but rather in YYYY-MM-DD for example.

What if your sheet formula formulated the date in such a way that Glide would not recognize it as a date. maybe throw in some extra characters or use something other that / or - in the date. Make it look like ‘xxxxM/D/YYYY’ or ‘M#D#YYYY’

If Glide matches dates based on the format you have set in the Data Editor, that’s bug. Could you please share your app with me and tell me exactly how to reproduce this issue?

PM sent.

Ah, I see what you’re doing. The source column for the match is not a date/time column, but a Template that includes a date/time, which means that the localized date format becomes “baked in”.

Is there a reason why you can’t match against the original date/time column? Are the values not exactly equal?