🆕 Date ranges for date picker & date time picker

We now have ranges for date picker & date time picker.

It still renders a calendar, but dates outside of the range are not clickable.



Mark this one as done!



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A useful extension to this would be to allow for a column value to be used in the range options, instead of just the fixed values that we have now.

For example: I might want to allow a date in the future, but no more than one month in the future. I could have a math column that calculates now+1 month, and then use that column as the upper range limit for the date picker.



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Hi Darren,

But how can I do if let say the Start Date is 20 Oct 2021.
I want the End Date can be selected from the Start Date and later ?

You can’t do that with the date picker options, but you could apply some logic in the GDE to force it.

Using your example, you could create an if-then-else column:

  • If end date is before Start Date then Start Date
  • Else end date

Then use the value of this if-then-else column as your end date filter.

This wouldn’t stop a user from selecting an end date earlier than the Start Date, but if they do it will automatically be adjusted to that date.


Got it, Darren.
Thanks to you.

Of course, I thought about displaying a warning message to user using this trick but I think it would be more comfortable for app builders to have also the opportunity to choose a custom date instead of ‘today’ directly in the range option of the date picker and actually force the user to select an end date after the start date. Because I can’t display a warning because the data row is not created yet when it is in an add form (or tell me how if I can).

You can do that with a custom form.