Date math - 3 months from a specific date


I have been looking around for ages (I’m sure I saw the answer somewhere but I can’t find it!) but I need to calculate 3 months from a date - in a date column.

Example :

Date Submitted
01/02/2022 - In a date column

Result required

Thanking you already…


@Jeff_Hager our wizard, what about you create a doc (in Notion eg) with all those date/time tricks and all the other spells you’ve created/helped guys here? The most requested and with the most highlights :fire:

I’d love to consult whenever I wanted :smile:


The easiest that I’ve found is to use Google Sheet’s date math functions. Here’s one that might work best for what you’re doing: EDATE - Google Docs Editors Help

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Do you mean an actual spreadsheet formula in an actual spreadsheet, to do something that can otherwise be done in the Glide Data Editor? :thinking:

um, no thanks.


I hear ya @Darren_Murphy! I’m trying to get all of my old apps over to Glide tables whenever I have a free moment. There are some things, in this transition period, and mostly related to date math, that are just easier to do in Google Sheets. Glide now does a great job at handling the addition of days to a date, but if I want to add a year (May 1 to May 1, even in leap years), not so much (yet!).

I guess @Rosewebstudio could break apart the date into day, month, and year columns and then add three to the month column and then bring them back together in a Glide table to make the future date.

I’ve thought about this when handling leap years. Yes, I can recreate the math in a Glide table, but I’d rather use a function that already exists. Does that make me lazy (he asked himself, on four hours of sleep, wondering if there’s a better way)? No (probably not [maybe a little]). Just taking the path of least resistance. :wink:

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@Darren_Murphy @NFNHello Isn’t EDATE possible with the excel formula plugin??? I’ve seen a few posts about it, but I haven’t tried it myself.

One thing I like about using the math formula instead, is that I have more control over how leap year dates are handled…especially with Feb 29. Sometimes when adding a year you want Feb 28 and sometimes you want Mar 1 as a result. Plus, dates and plugins don’t seem to work well for you day first people. :wink:


@Lucas_Pires that’s good idea! There’s a lot of formulas floating around the forum that should be better organized.


I’d be willing to collaborate on that one :+1: