Date in If Else Column Subtraction

i’ve add two more math column for start and end date.
But still the same.




add plus 0 to math columns… you have just column in equations… that makes column a text

Which column, Uzo ?

Let me first restate your requirements in my own words, so that I can be sure that my understanding is correct.

You want to count the number of days between a given start and end date, with the following caveats:

  • If the Start Date is earlier than Jan 1 of the current year, then use Jan 1 of the current year as the Start Date
  • If the End Date is after the current date, then use the current date as the End Date

Is that correct?


  • If the End Date is before the 1 Jan current Year, then use the 1 Jan of current year as the End Date

why is that matter? date is a date… and is represented by a number… glide is plus 0.5 to google sheets … so you need to do conversion in GS


When the math column adding with zero it is empty.


But if you say so, why Darren did well ? In earlier post . Very smooth

that means your source is not a date format

No Uzo,
All in date format.


How to see the apps working ?

??? what do you mean?

the builder haha

builder is not a deployed app… so it will work as a in app… you have to test it on defernt devices and OS