Database Organization

I am a teacher. I want to create an attendance tracker, but I am unsure about the best way to organize the database. In terms of simplicity, speed and efficiency, do I want to organize by…?

  1. Organize by date (With a list of students and their status absent or present). And then create a new date object everyday.


  1. Organize by student (with a new column for each date and the student status absent or present in each date column)

Thanks for your advice and assistance, greatly appreciated.

The date is a position… a student is an object… now you need to answer yourself… what are you tracking … position or objects? If both… then 2X of data… if one of these… then depends of what is less

Thanks for the advice Uzo. I’ll try the by student organization method.

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The Next piece of advice… try to put all data in one place… do not care that it will take more columns… find as many variables that both share… and rest… create separate columns… make it one feed… it will be much easier to deal with it.

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