Data Grid Row markers - get selected rows

Hello everyone!

I am new to using glide data-grid. It’s incredibly efficient but there is a lack of proper documentation. I have to look through code every time I implement anything. Am I missing something here? Also, I had this doubt that is unresolved since days:

Users can select multiple rows at a time using the row markers - Webpack App

But how to get user’s selection? I have to send selected row details to a server when user clicks a button. Can anyone help me out please?

I think what you are looking at it the code and documentation for the data editor, which glide has made available through GitHub. This is for code based developers who want to use the data grid for their own code based projects. That is something where you would be working with actual code and modifying code as necessary to integrate the data grid into your code based project.

The link you shared is NOT documentation used for no-code Glide projects.

This is is normal Glide documentation.

I think what you are expecting out of the data grid component is not a feature that glide currently provides. The data grid component is more or less for viewing or editing data. It is not for making multiple selection and doing things with those selections. What you are looking at with the link you shared is more in line with the features of the glide data editor. Not the data grid component.


Wow so many useful things there

Especially drop down!
If all of this already developed? So why we can’t use this in no code editor?
I mean, for example dropdown in Data Grid component

I think this is another product of Glide and only a subset of those features are actually implemented into the Glide Data Editor, for code developers to manage their own database. I agree some of these would be useful, though.

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