Data filter when two array have at least one element in common

Hi all,

To explain my project, I have two table : One for user, one for actions.

Each user can select one or multiple themes, and each action can also have one or multiple themes.

The thing I would like to do is make a data filter on a collection to show at the user only the actions that have at least one common theme with his themes. Previously actions can only had one theme so it was not difficult (just a “is included in” filter) but now action themes is also a array, and I struggle to find a filter that allow me to show the action only if there is at least one element in common between the action themes array and the user themes array.

Would you know how to do that ? Thanks in advance !

If I’m understanding correctly, then I think you can just create a multi-relation between the two.
If your “arrays” are currently represented as a comma-separated list of values, you would need to use a Split Text column on them first, to coerce them into “proper” arrays.