Data connection issue - connection of columns

Hey everyone!

I have a templated budgeting app I’m using and seem to have a slight issue showing the progress on the progress bar as the connection to the Units is not there. I can also provide access to the spreadsheet

Here is a link to the app:

I have two sheets - Categories and Items

Categories: These are Sportsbook (Barstool, MGM, FanDuel) where the user sets their monthly spending limit in dollars, and in Units. The progress bar will show the limit of units used, when they add a bet on the Bankroll page (screen below)

Items: These are the actual bets. The user sets how many units they are spending and the spending in dollars if they choose.

The progress bar I want to show Units they have used, right now it is set at a static number (10)


Looks like the 8 in the units column is disrupting an array formula of some kind.

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I have deleted the 8 - it seems the main issue now is the connection of units to the show up from the spreedsheet

An array formula means that the units formula should be populated from some other sheet calculation. Inspect the formula to see how it gets generated.

The calculation is “=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(C2:C) = 0, IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C2:C, Categories!A2:A, 2, 0), “Misc”)))”

I need to take the input from the user in Units (right now showing MISC)

If you want to show “Misc” to the user in Glide, add an If Then Else column in Glide and replicate the logic above to show the right value. Don’t let users overwrite your arrayformula.

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Do you know how I would do this? That’s the crux of what I am trying to figure out – I can even share my spreadsheet if you can help? Have no problem even PayPal’ing you some money aha

You can replicate that logic in Glide using the structure below.

Add a relation column, relate the Category column in this Sheet to the Category column in your Categories sheet.

Add a lookup column in this Sheet, use the relation above to return the value you want, I assume “Units” from the Category sheet.

Finally add an If Then Else column, if relation is empty then leave it empty, else show the lookup value.

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I have two empty columns (daily limit and units) - how do I make sure the user can set those and I don’t need to explicitly set it myself?

This is the Categories sheet right? If you want it to be user-specific then those columns must be set as user-specific in Glide, not here.