Dartie - Find Darts Tournaments all around Germany (for now) :)

Just 3 or 4 days ago i stumbled upon glide. I actually started out with this project on another no code app and got to shippable point in 2-3 weeks but at a way more prototype kind of state. And it had weird limits and felt a little clumsy in parts. Got no idea anymore where i found out about glide but i am very very happy i did! (if i just could pay with paypal…) but that’s not a hurdle i couldn’t take.

I managed to build an app with novice knowledge about databases and app programming in 3 days. Wow. I am literally blown away. My background is in Design and UX. I am not that happy with the UX of my app at the moment but there is only one way: improve it as i learn to glide more! :slight_smile:

So i play a lot of darts and have always been struggling to find tournaments in my area. Most of them were posted in facebook groups and it was just a plain pain in the a** to find what u were looking for. And that is where the ‘need’ actually came from.

The app is public but people who organise tournaments can register to post and hopefully soon edit their entries (once i figured out how to ‘attach’ a new entry to the logged in user who submitted it).

Have a look here and if you got any idea on how to improve it, i am happy for anything!

PS: Thanks to @Jeff_Hager for helping me out!
PSS: Sorry it’s all in german! *note to self: multilanguage support. :slight_smile:



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Great hint again! Thank you Jeff.

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