Daily weather forecast - Created one

Pleased I got a local daily weather forecast into my app.

Achieved by some spreadsheet magic and Zapier - looks great!

Now onto the next challenge :slight_smile:


Can you share the sheet/process used for this? Pretty cool and would help to enhance my Health & Wellness app for my staff.


Yes, I would love to see how you accomplished this as well. Please share?

Great work!

I’ve been using this tool to hook into API’s:

Even got it to send me an email when the data has been updated. Pleased :slight_smile:

I figured out the Zapier part of it and getting it connected to my spreadsheet, but how do you get the icon to display? I tried Rick Text and Image and neither worked as component types.

Looks like an inline list item to me.

From what I can see, Zapier adds the icon as text into the spreadsheet. I’m not sure how @Rosewebstudio was able to get the icon to display as an image (unless a lookup is done for each possibility, but I doubt it since Zapier provides the icons and there’s likely a way to get them to display properly).

When you say text, do you mean an image URL, or just text like cloudy, raining, sunny, etc.?

Just text, but it’s green… which may mean something that I’m not aware of in Sheets. Column 4 is the “icon” for “Today’s forecast” from Zapier.

Not sure about the green unless Zapier is doing some don’t formatting on their end, but I would assume that you use it as as lookup value to a set of images you already have set up on another sheet. Just throwing out guesses. I haven’t actually tried it.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too, but the fact that Zapier is meant to be this automation machine that’s so great, it seems like that process should be handled by their “icon” field automatically (ideally it should just point to a URL for the image). Hopefully @Rosewebstudio can confirm if they used a Lookup to get the image.

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Created and used a look up

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I would appreciate if you all would unlike this daily weather widget request I submitted to Glide! The more votes the more likely they’ll put it on as a feature! THANKS!

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