Customizing Load Screen + Icon + Option To Place App on Phone

Hi guys I am new to Glide and I have 2 questions. I have upgraded my plan from free to starter plan. I still noticed this blue screen with a chart icon pop up when I first load the app. How do I change or customize the load-up screen or ‘‘I think it is called flash screen’’. Also I want the app’s logo to show as icon.

Also, I want invited users to be prompted to add the app to their phone screen anytime I send out an invitation. It did it once for me and it stopped. Can I do anything to make sure that prompt never stops?

Looking to hearing from you all.

Options for the above can be found in the App Settings under the “Name & Icon” and “Sign In Screen” sections.

That behaviour is device/browser specific, and I believe that with most browsers, once the popup has been dismissed it will never appear again. Users can still install the App with the Add to Homescreen option at any time, though.