Custom Domain Setup Issue

I have setup a custom domain, received green checks, and clicked done. However I am still presented with “Add a custom domain to your app” message and not the configured domain or trash bin to delete said domain. Is this a platform issue where my custom domain setup is stuck?

Wait a few hours for your DNS changes to take place. Usually it takes upto 24 hours. If your issue persists after 24 hours then submit a ticket.

That’s odd. The label on that button should change from “Configure” to “Edit” once you’re done.

What happens if you click on it?
Is the info you’ve already entered shown?
My guess would be that it’s probably some sort of caching/sync issue. You could try reloading the builder, or perhaps open in another browser and see if anything changes.

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Update: I checked back after a few hours and found all settings were cleared from the “Add a custom domain to your app” setup. I went through the process again and had no issues this time.

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