CSS Request: A Little More Text Padding?

Hello, CSS Glide team! Do you mind adding a little more padding at the top of text in the app? I’ve provided a screenshot below. The text just seems to sit too close to the Title image, and I’m not sure how to give it a little more padding. Or is there already a way to add some padding to the top?

A workaround would be using a Rich Text component for that, and add as many <BR> as you would like at the top.

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And is there any way to reduce the margin between buttons? I’d like to close that gap as well, and not have there be so much space in between them.

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It would be a harder to implement solution, but what I would advise is to design 2 “fake buttons” (as images) that would have the margin as you wish. To make that looks correct make sure you don’t set the “matching device theme” option and design the buttons’ images match the background color (black/white).

An alternative to BR that isn’t unsupported HTML could be a rich text component filled with an empty character to provide extra space. If you do the empty character + 2 spaces + the enter key over and over, you can stack empty characters and create bigger and bigger gaps. As far as I know, I would think that this would fit within rich text (markdown) guidelines.


Thanks for the suggestion, @Jeff_Hager. I’ll try that out.

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