CSS Not Working?

Hello, I am using the CSS to hide the right button. its work on the builder (image 1).
When open the apps, the right button appeared (image 2). That is the first thing.
And the other weird thing is on the list, there is no description appear as image 1. There is only the title available. Fyi, the user is shown as image 1 is the same as image 2.
No visibility condition applied.

Can you specify what CSS snippet were you using?


div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > :nth-of-type(6) :nth-child(2) {
pointer-events: none;
display: none;

/* Please replace (11) by the order number of the component on the screen */

I have another issue regarding the form screen .
From the builder, it show like below (image 3).

But when come to the apps, it show like below (image 4).

The first text entry is not appear. Only the title got.
Also, for your information, on this part, i didn’t use any CSS that intend to have a change on this screen.

I think nowadays we don’t need to do this anymore. Do this instead:

  • Use the “simple” design option for the button (1st from the right)
  • Don’t give it a title
  • Assign a custom action with a condition that will never be true

Then it will automatically be hidden and users can’t click it.


Pretty sure you had a CSS acting on the screen underneath this (before you open this form). The table layout is a bit different since forms are just modals on top of the current screen, instead of being treated like a brand new screen, so the CSS from the previous screen is still acting on this screen. Can you confirm this and tell us what you used the CSS for in the previous screen?

I am using the same CSS .
Oooo i seeee.

So, the image 2 is caused by the CSS as well ? (the first post)

I think so. The div level might be different between the builder and the actual app. I think I have seen this before.