CSS - feeling silly as I just don't get the basics it seems - anyone spare time to help?

Hi all! I used to vaguely understand how CSS works (but not really) - and I struggle with finding classes, finding the right bit to address, etc. I used to have a list of things I would copy-paste in, but that old method in Glide does not work (even though the current method is much better and more flexible).

Ideally I would like to see if someone has an hour to have a chat with me to go through examples - and then maybe I will understand things properly forever. So if that might work, please message me if you can :slight_smile:
And the example of things I am stuck on:

  1. Make the text box of a text entry = background color = white
  2. Make positions on screen relative - to put things next to each other )I have a button I need to move up to be on the above text line)
  3. Make a button stretch to the whole screen width (within the wire)
  4. Make choice component for single and multi choice with a different background when unchecked - color = white
  5. Change the color of a button border - so a minimal button with a blue border
  6. Change padding between buttons = so three buttons, one on each row, has less spacing in between
  7. Padding for table in overview to make more space between lines
  8. Only have shading for the window width — and not the whole window - for the section

I have looked around for help documents to get folk started… but I cannot find them if they exist.

Many thanks in advance! Mark