CSS code to change the color of header and bottom menu

Hey everyone!

I am wondering whether anyone has created a CSS code to change the colour of bottom menu bar and header part of the tab?

I tried to find it in the Codebook app and in the community but cannot find it.

Would be really greteful if someone could help!

I have actually found a way to do that already

But now I cannot find a way to change the colour of a card. Does anyone know how to do that?

I believe you want to change the background color of the bottom area.

Here’s the code.

[data-test="card-item"] .bottom-area {
background-color: gold;

Amazing! Thank you so much! That works!

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Is there a way to change the color of only some cards in an inline list based on a condition?

Is there a code that can detect specific card items and change the background color?

No, I don’t think so. I did want to do something like that a while ago but couldn’t find a way.

Ok. One more help, in the below CSS Code:

[data-test="card-item"] .bottom-area {
background-color: gold;

If I want some nth item to be only gold, let's say the 3rd item to be gold, what will be the code?

Maybe you can try this.

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