CSS Case

Dear @ThinhDinh,

I tried to follow your CSS trick on the rounded block: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases., with a minor modification because I’m a beginner of CSS :smiley:

The rounded block can display on editor dashboard, but can’t display on my smartphone (Please see two images below). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Can you specify what device were you using for the second screenshot? Does it not show on all devices or just that specific one?

samsung note10 (android) and dark mode.

So does it work on other types of devices? Let’s say Safari on iOS?

I have no idea, @ThinhDinh

So can you share the app link for us to test on our devices to see if the issue is for only one type of device or does it apply for all?

I’m still in the process of development and can’t share the link, sorry… I don’t use that ccs for a while. Anyway, thanks @ThinhDinh

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