Cross Site(App) Copy & Paste

I believe a crucial feature to have is Cross Site(App) Copy & Paste. Why? Simple…often times I find myself cloning an app, which is fantastic, however in doing so after having like 4 of 5 clones of the same I need to run some sort of upgrading. Now, most of the time it is little simple things. But other times it can be very taxing and extensive updates. Such as a redesign of an entire section with recreation of custom actions etc. So if it takes me 3 to 5 hours of time to create these updates and the clients are. all expecting this in a certain amount of time I find myself working for 3-5 x’s 5 hours on these updates for instance. Cross Site(App) Copy & Paste would help speed up this time exponentially.

The other cause for this is, though cloning is great and all, you run the risk of loosing historical data sometimes, not to mention there is the issue of having to transfer everything over to the new “cloned” upgraded version, if made separately too.

NOTE: I understand all data sources would need to be the same in this instance. Which is a whole other topic. I know you can currently use a table from another app but all the logic based columns do not get cloned just the basics if I remember correctly.