Creating public rows in a sheet off a user-specific column

Hi everyone,

I wrote a post previously but it didnt even make sense to me when I read it back (so I deleted it). Heres my second effort at explaining what I’m trying to do:

  • I have a list of games which I show in a tab
  • Users can scroll through the games and review etc
  • I created a switch on the game details to add a game to a plan (this is a user specific boolean) - it acts similar to a favourite/like I guess
  • I also have a “Plan” tab which shows a checkbox inline list of the games the user added to their plan (using a filter by my new boolean switch above)
  • This all works great and I’m happy with it
  • What I’d like to do next is have a button on the Plan tab beneath my list of games which would create a plan record (and link to the associated games) for this user specific list.
  • So, when they click the “Make this a plan” button, I’d somehow take the list of user-specific filtered games and associate them to a new publicly accessible plan record
  • The plan would have a unique reference and anyone with that reference could then view my plan (through another option on the app where they would key in the unique plan reference)

I think this is a better effort at explaining the issue than my last one. I guess ultimately the problem is having a user specific list that I want the user to have the option to flip and show to anyone. I think the best way to achieve that is to create an entry on a plan sheet and link the plan ref to the games the user selected. Then everyone can see the list of plans.

Many thanks in advance. Very much appreciated.


You can create an if then else and if the plan boolean column is true then show the game and then with that new column create a joined list of that games (only the ones with the true boolean, thats why the if-then-else column) and when clicking the button maybe addrow into another table that Log the Plans make with that joined list, the user that create it, date, or something else.

And to make a relation with games in that new table of Log plans you can creat an Split Column and then relate that split column to the games name to have a multiple relation of the games in the plan (in order to show a list or something)


Wow. Thats it. Perfect. Thank you!

Very much appreciate you taking the time to explain it so clearly.

Sorry. I think I spoke too soon…

Its still holding the link back to the customer specific boolean field. So when I change to user2 I can no longer see the games assigned to the plan by User 1.

Ideally, the joined list you suggested would break the link from user specific and just become a list of games associated to the plan (with no link back to the user that assigned them).

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Or its likely I fundamentally built it incorrectly in the first place by making that switch a user specific field. I’m not sure.

Thank you again.

Thats why you have to ‘add row’ in another table when ou push the button. That table is no longer user-specific and if you want to maintain which user creates the plan you can add a column there with user email (or id or something).

I wont embarrass myself by telling you what I was doing earlier to maintain that link between the 2 tables. Kinda silly.

Ok perfect. Thank you again. I’m so glad you’re here!!

If you need whatever more just write here!

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