Creating POS System with GlideApps

The Goal:
Customer generates a new order from their app. Then on my end I can edit their order and add items & create their total amount owing.

Where I’m at:
Customer creates order :white_check_mark:
data get’s sent to a sheet called, “Orders” :white_check_mark:
I created a sheet of possible items & their price :white_check_mark:
I displayed the price sheet on GlidePage & created an action to add item name/price/order# to a sheet called Transactions :white_check_mark:
Created a relation between “Orders” sheet & “Transactions” sheet, where Orders have MANY transactions :white_check_mark:
On the front-end when I click on a specific order it will show me a breakdown of all the transactions, however it won’t group the transactions with the same name. Say order #34 bought 4 apples. It’ll show 4 different transactions with 4 lines. :x:

What should happen → is there a way to show a summary of the order? Where it will group the same name items, so instead of it being 4 lines of the same item, it’ll show 1 line saying “Apples x 4 = total price”

I tried doing this and am having a lot of trouble. My gut tells me I’m supposed to create another sheet that summarizes each order? Idk

Summary of Sheets:

  1. Orders
  2. Items
  3. Transactions

Sorry this was long-winded, been stuck on this for a while now. Not looking for a detailed explanation, maybe an overall picture of what’s supposed to happen, that would be great <3

I think you could create a template column in your Transactions table that concatenates the order number and the item. Then create a multiple relation that matches that column to itself. You can then use a rollup through that relation to get an item count. And finally another template column to join the item description and item count.

Thank you for your response, here’s where I’m at so far

Did that, named it “Current Line” :white_check_mark:

Did that, called it “Grouping Same Transactions” :white_check_mark:

Now i’m stuck, here’s what I have:

Am I supposed to create the rollup on the Orders page?

In this case, the summary should be:
Order #55
Apples x 2
Oranges x 2
Cost = $116

The goal is to have a list displayed showing the items + quantity + total cost.

No, all the columns I described should be in your Transactions table.

You should make sure your Item Cost column is configured as a Number type, otherwise you won’t be able to do a rollup to get the total cost per item/order.

Okay done, here’s where I’m at now.

Isn’t this now just another problem? Because now we have to group the display messages that are the same?

Gimme a few minutes, I’ll give you a video.

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You’re a legend, thank you so much aha <3

It’s a little complicated, but hopefully you can follow along. If I thought about it a bit more, I might be able to simplify it a bit.


That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen lol. I re-watched the video at least 7 times.

First time using a joined list being used. Thank you so much Darren!

So i’m guessing from there I go to the Orders section and create a relation to the transactions VIA order number to retrieve the order summary right?

yep, that should do the trick.

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Thank you so much, it works. You’re amazing man

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