Creating an ARRAY from an ARRAY and a TEXT column?

Is it possible to create a single array column from and array column and a text column where the user adds text?

For example, if I have four words that are consistent for every user and then there is a space for the user to add another word… If I have created an array from the four words, is there a way to combine that array with the word in the user’s input column to create a single array with all five words?

Yes, I believe you can use one of the new Plugins to do this. First though, I think you’ll need to make your user inputted value an array itself (just use a Split column to convert your text to an array). Once that’s done, you’re left with two arrays.

Next, add a new column and use the Append Array plugin. Choose both of the above arrays and they should get combined into one new array.


YAY!!! I have been trying to figure this out all day, but I was missing that one step before I tried to use the append array plugin. It worked PERFECTLY! THANK YOU SO MUCH!:raised_hands:t6:


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