Create Wallpaper App with GlideApps?

Does anyone know if you can create a wallpaper app using glideapps?

Welcome to the community.

Got to ask, what is a wallpaper app? :thinking:

Perhaps share an example…

Do you mean something like this?

Or this??

Here is an example from the google playstore.

If it was me I would have a look at the templates to give you a feel of what is possible. (You probably know this, but worth mentioning, glide apps are web apps, they don’t get published on google or apps store)

Of course there are so many possibilities. You just needs to explore all the features available in glide and sprinkle in a bit of creativity and hey presto you can make a ‘wallpaper’ app.

Check out the glide documentation and videos too, they will help


Thanks for the info. I am interested in creating phone apps currently. I will think about web apps for the future.