Create two apps that use same tables or have "customers" and "drivers" use the same app

hello wonderful people who I am so thankful for!

In the app I am currently building:
-“Users” are real estate agents who order for sale sign installations
-I have RowID as Roles so that I can use them as Row Owners and the app won’t break if people change their email address

I will have drivers that will see orders that are created. What is easier?
-try to work in the drivers as users in the current app and hide tabs (I think this is harder, and I’ve already used up the “roles” in the user set up
-Create a new app and link the tables. Keep the “Users” table but create a new “Driver Users” and set up the user section for the app with this new driver table. In my head I am thinking that it should not break anything as user setups for each app just allow “visibility and access” to certain information.

And second question:
Let’s say I eventually need two drivers. Each driver will take on areas of the city. Their “roles” would be a set of areas, which means they would only see the installations for that area. But what if a car breaks down, a driver goes on vacation etc.? I assume that I would just have to set it so that the available driver has the missing areas under his “roles”. I’m sure there is a fancy way of building it out so I can just click a button and it gets set, but does this logic work? Would there be a better way of structuring this?