Create travel wish list + travel itinerary

Hello all

need some help - how can i create an option to the user to view lots of recommended travel locations and enable him to mark only the ones that he likes by various categories ( eg attractions,nature parks, restaurants etc) and create some wish list to view afterward.
how can i create suggested travel itinerary based on the places on his wishlist while considering his accommodation point - with some distance limitation form his stay to each of the places?
i am using the free version now-- thanks alot for your feedback


anyone please - any help about this question??

In my opinion your question is too broad and without the necessary detail to allow for a reply. You need to start with creating a spreadsheet to hold the data and try yourself based on some of the tutorials that are available. When you come to a roadblock ask a specific question. Even with a complete specification, which you haven’t provided, you can’t expect someone to write a detailed tutorial for your specific application idea.
From my limited understanding of what you are trying to do it could take more than an hour to come up with something of value as I would first have to create a spreadsheet with sample data, think about the relationships needed, etc.

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