Create row with data from a collection

Hey guys!

Looking for some help here on something I can not wrap my head around! I am creating a glide page for submitting sports team panels. There are 5 different panels that can be submitted, Senior, Junior etc.

I have a table for Teams, Players & Panels. The teams can add players to their list of players for the clubs and then assign them out to each panel, so you would register John Doe for your club and then add him to the Junior Teams Panel (Hope this all makes sense) :smiley: The last piece of functionality is that you need to be able to assign them a position for the match day squad and submit this team information.

I then want to be able to map this information once submitted to a spread sheet row in google sheets, essentially using the create row action on click of “Submit This Panel”. The issue I am having is extracting the right information, I only get options to map “Panel” or “Team” :face_exhaling:

I feel like I may have set up the tables incorrectly but I can’t be sure, I feel like I’ve been looking at this for toooooooo long :sweat_smile:

Thanks for advance for any help offered!!

PS I tried to attach more images for reference but I am only allowed attached one image :sleepy: