Create n row?

Hey guys I’m trying to make a fashion product upload form. I want the user to be able to select sizes and colors and then through a “Create variants” button all the options are shown in the form with the possibility of adding stock.

for example:

colour 1 / size 1 / stock_input
colour 1 / size 2 / stock_input
colour 2 / size 1 / stock_input
colour 2 / size 2 / stock_input

I tried taking the total of variants and then I tried to do a “FOR” to add the number of rows corresponding to the number of variants but I couldn’t find the way.

Do you guys have any solution?

Thank you very much for your time!

To clarify, this is something that people can add stock or you want this as a way for people to buy currently available options?

It would be so that a seller can upload products with variants

I would just have all the elements on the same row as the product itself and then for search purposes (for the buyer) you could combine all those variables into an array.

It is not possible to have all the elements in the same row because the variants are not predictable. The combinations are too many. That is why the rows must be created one for each variant and at the same time to then complete Size, color, photo and stock.

If you want to have each combination of colour & size in a row, then you can do as below:

  • Create a custom form, to make it easier for this entry step I would advise only taking in the colour & size, images & stock will be input later when the variants have been created.
  • Allow sellers to enter a comma-delimited list of colours.

  • Allow sellers to enter a comma-delimited list of sizes.

  • Pass those two lists through a webhook to Make/Integromat.

  • Run an iterator through a split function on the colours.

  • Connect the iterator above through a split function on the sizes.

  • Add an “Add row” (Google Sheets) module and add the current iteration’s value of colour and size as a row.

  • Tell sellers their products can only be shown when stock and photo is not empty so they have to input them later when the variants have been created.


Thank you very much for the suggestions. I’ve been using glide for 2 weeks, I still don’t have a good level to carry out this integration but I’ll try it later.

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