Create invoice

I have 30 products, when I want to create an invoice from only five items, I call those items.
I search for the product, add the amount, and complete the invoice.
Is there anything I can do like this or something similar?

Is it always 5 items or can it be more than 5 items anytime?

No, it is variable. Maybe some invoices are 6 items, 2 or 10 …

You would have to get an upper limit, otherwise I can’t think of an easy way to do this.

I use the full package of the application (Private Pro)

I mean you have to get an upper limit of items you want to add in an invoice, otherwise it’s very hard to construct the right flow and data to make it work.

An easy option is to add each item on its own row in a separate Sheet, tying to an invoice by something unique like an invoice ID.