Create/Fetch ICS file from row data in Glide Tables

Hi there everyone!

I’m trying to find a way to have a calendar event hosted in the app with a button that says “Add to Calendar”. I’d like for when the user to click the button, the data from that row in Glide Tables is used to call a URL to create an ICS file, that is then pushed back to the device as a new calendar event that they can add to their devices calendar.

I know there’s some older posts about but the site looks to have gone offline.

Does anyone know if:

  1. This is possible?
  2. There’s a service that supports this?
  3. Grabbing this data from the Glide Tables row is supported?

Thanks in advance!

I believe agical still works for me, you can try following these instructions.

Or use my experimental code column URL here.

Note: Start time & end time must be in this example’s format.


Thank you! I’ll give this a try and see how the results turn out.

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