Create an Auto ID when adding a new student

So I am trying to create an auto ID when I add a new student to a form. I created a relationship to a table with the next Student ID number that I pull in through a relation to the student table. I have a custom action that adds the next ID via set value but it doesn’t seem to work. Looking for help on how to do this. Here is a video overview. I followed the Auto Increment video - (How do I create an auto-incrementing row number with Glide Tables?) everything works fine…except it will not set the value in the ID # column (first row of the student table spreadsheet).

Here is a video of what is happening: GlideAppIssueOYD.mp4

Glide support responded by telling me the following: Your problem is that at the time of the add you are positioned on the empty row of the newly added column which has not updated that number yet. You will have to come up with a different way to create that unique ID field. Not sure what this means.

Bascially just assigning an ID that starts at 35001 and increments 1 everytime I add a student.

hmm, that’s interesting.
There have been a lot of changes in the Glide computational model recently, and it might be possible that method no longer works.

I’ll do some testing with that when I get a chance (probably tomorrow), and will update here with what I find.

I figured out the answer…I used an add row step instead of set value and it worked! I think the problem before was the row wasn’t yet created when I tried to set the value. Maybe this will help others.