Create a roulette wheel

Hello, I would like to create a roulette with different variables. I already successfully created this roulette but unfortunately the random data does not change fast enough. How would it be possible to accelerate the change of variable?

How are you creating the randomness? You’ll need to use Glide random columns, not Google spreadsheet formulas if you want something responsive.

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Can you specify how much is “fast enough”? Can you clarify more about your use case?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Dice Roll plugin. That’s what I would use.


I just watched Roll Dice, it fits well with my research, I’ll put interest.
Otherwise I was just trying to figure out how to create a random variable that changes every second.


Get an automatic value every second is imposible in Glide so far, its internal clock updates values/time every 10 secs!

If you want to test a trick to get a timed trigger and use it with your idea, here you might begin Automatic Toggle Trigger 💡


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This post by Darren ( Murphy ) will help here! : Random number - #2 by Darren_Murphy

Maybe this will help too! :slightly_smiling_face: : Random choice generator - #2 by Dilon_Perera

This post by Gustavo will help here! : Random number - #7 by gvalero

Thank you


Thanks for this reminder @Dilon_Perera , I had forgotten this simpler solution!

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