Create a Random Name selector with animated shuffle effect

Hi, Gliders!

Is it possible to create something like the below function using a code column? I would assume it is…?

It’s possible all based on that CodePen, we can replicate it and show it in a webview component, but taking that generated name as a Glide variable is another problem.

Ahhh, so the shuffle effect would be a WebView then the rest would still be in the code column? I think I saw that an array of strings can be passed in. Is that correct?

I mean replicating the whole result of the CodePen visually is doable, but at that point we’re returning a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) not just the “name”.

Do you want the whole thing visually or just a way to pass an array of names in, then take a random name back? If it’s just this then I think you would better do a single value column > random.

The animation is a huge part, if possible.

Look at the name I landed on in the first try…

Is this really random? :wink:

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