Couple of questions re Maker plan and privacy settings

I have volunteered to create an app for a group of local community based health organisations. It is essentially a fairly basic directory of local support organisations providing services in relation to mental health, addiction etc. We hope that it will be used by individuals who are having issues as well family members or other people who are providing support.

I am hoping to put it on a Maker plan.

My gut feeling is that we would not want to ask people to login, I think we want it to be accessible and don’t really want to putting barriers in the way of users and also don’t want users to feel like they are being tracked in any way.

Is it possible to have a facility for admin users (a few specified users) to log in, without other users seeing a login option?

If the app is open to all, with no login, will there be analytics information available to track basic usage stats etc?

Hope those make sense, I will probably have more questions as the project develops.


You can set an app as public with optional login and use a whitelist to control who can sign in. The Sign In option would still be available in the app but only those that are whitelisted could actually sign in. Everybody else would just have access to what is publicly available.

I don’t do any analytics so I can’t advise much on that, but you can either add the google analytics integration or build your own into various actions in the app the update usage statistics in a table.