A countdown timer? Onscreen?
Easy now! I made one this evening :slight_smile:

My use case: a person does a corona test and needs to wait 15 mins to be able to take a photo

  • so onscreen I want the countdown to appear after they have put drops onto the test cassette… and then have a button to continue once the time remaining is 0.

So one column - start time
Another column - the 15 min wait

Next - a math column - time photo taken (start) + the time to add on (I have mins, so need to convert)
= photo + (min/60/24)

Next - another math column - so have the countdown in mins to the deadline === (whentotakephoto - now) * 60 * 24

And then a nice template column to make it look pretty - x mins to wait

And I display that as text on my form… and the screen refreshes every 5 secs or so.

I then have an extra bit - before the countdown is done, the button is greyed out and is basically ‘waiting’ … and then when an if-the-else is set (countdown left = 0) then the button appears.

Magic :slight_smile: