Convert existing Sheets-based tab (data, computed columns) to Glide Table


As mentioned before that I started to see a good side of using Glide Tables instead of using Google Sheets in some cases, like some tables might be updated rapidly in real use. But this hunch always came a bit late; After a while of putting up so many relations & lookups & data templates, then I realized that this sheet might have less problem if I changed to Glide Table.

But this means a do-over with all the table setups, not to mention all data links on the interface will be cut-off which cannot be undone. All the interfaces will be gone forever.

To be able to change without losing all relationships between Sheets and interfaces could be a big feature. And the easier the migration is, the more people will be using your Glide Table (which will cost you much much less for API connectivity in a long run) for sure.

*** For me, I just need the structure & relations to survive the migration, because I will do this only during the development phase, not the production ones. So, the data could be omitted, which I think it might sound easier to you.


+1 for this. Was just testing an app earlier, and realised that all Glide data for most of it would be better.

With the new Feature Requests area of the Community, I thought I’d bump this thread up to hopefully gain some votes. If this gets implemented, it will make it much easier and quicker to migrate to Glide Tables without having to completely rebuild current Sheets-based apps. Some sort of conversion tool would be fantastic (I’m pretty it’s in the plans, but hopefully a lot of action on this Feature Request will get it to the top of the pile).


+1 - Google Sheet → Glide Tables conversion. I’d love to transfer all my apps data to Glide to increase performance but doing this manually would be a daunting task. Can’t wait to see a way to do this type of conversion automatically!


Just had a client ask for this as well. +1


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I’m new to using Glide Tables — I’m trying to remake one of my apps to be purely a Table-based app to see how the speed, etc. can be improved. My big issue though is that I have a sheet that is used for holding all my choices for multiple choice components. In GSheets, I can do a drag down to auto-fill and auto-augment certain data, so it takes all of a few seconds to list something like 15 minute increments of time for an entire 24 hour period. With Glide Tables though, I have to manually enter all the data and it’s pretty frustrating to be honest!

At a minimum, can we get the ability to copy/paste into a Glide Table! This way, I can at least copy over the columns that hold my static values and paste them into a Glide Table and fill a column with data that already exists in my Google Sheet.

Please please please!!

Edit: something I just noticed — if I copy data from the Glide Data Editor (from a Google Sheet-based tab), I can paste it into a Glide Table. HOWEVER, it pastes it into one cell in the Glide Table (not each individual row). Can that paste action be made to respect the fact that it’s copying individual rows and then paste them accordingly into new individual rows??

Edit2: This is a fantastic work-around: Import Data From Excel & Sheets into Glide Table - #18 by Manu.n

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