Context sensitive help

Floating button is good for help, but how to have it in the list tab?

Change the screen to a details style layout and add an inline list.

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I know this option, but in an inline list I have no filter neither the possibility of adding new records.

Inline Lists have a filter option, and if you want to add a new record there are many ways. The simplest probably being to add a button to the details screen with an action to show an Add Form.

So you have both options.

Tnx, but maybe I am missing something: I find FIXED filtering in inline list, but not the “show filter” function in inline list.
Adding record is ok with floating button.
What with the “serach bar” in the inline list?

To summarize my understanding:

  1. adding records is possible via button
  2. search bar is missing in inline list
  3. “show filter” is different functionality compared to data filter in inline list

In your Inline List options, you will see a checkbox to enable the search bar. This will give you the same search bar that you would get with a List Layout screen.

I’m not really sure what you mean with your 3rd point, sorry.

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You need to create your own when using inline list as far as I’m aware! But also that will give you more options to style it!

You can search filtering here and you will find many posts/tutorials!

Adding some :
Glide: CUSTOM FILTERS using ANY inline list! - YouTube , 🌪 Use Multiple Choice Components to Filter an Inline List , Multi Filters using Relations: a new way 💡

This is what I miss:

I will study the possibilities described below! Thnx!


Tnx a lot, I solved all three problems with inline list. Solution presented in video is advantageous, but far too complex. So I have simple filters for categories with single choice (filtering one category at time). In general here I see two issues:

  1. Sch complex solutions are contradicting NCD concept! These solutions are more complex than development with coding in programming languages.
  2. To avoid it, NCD platform owners should offer preprogrammed solutions for such general functionalities. In this very case, filtering component should be also available in inline list.