Connecting the values of the table

Hi there!

I am making an application which is simply a Chat, but I need to ensure that every User see only the results and answers related to his own account.

I created the additional ID Row in the Users table, but can not join it with the table with content/answers.

The mechanics is following:

  1. Person authorizes in the application
  2. Write a question/request in the Text Entry (in container)
  3. The question goes to the Certain Table for generating an answer.
  4. The aswer appears under the question from the same table, but different column.

Issue: Now all the users can see the questions with answers of all the users.

My idea was to create and assign the certain ID to each account created, then when person write the question - his/her ID number also assigns to another Table where the question track and the answer generates.

Then, I will use the Visibility function to make the questions/answers visible if the ID numbers matches with the account. So that others can not see the questions and answers of each other.

Thus, I have a couple of questions:

  1. If my logic of filtering and visibility based on the ID number and if function is right?
  2. How to ensure that in the additional column of the Table with Question and Answers tracking/generating the ID of the requestor is assigning? I have used almost all the functions available, but it usually assign all the IDs I have in the table with Users (but not the certain one of the requestor) or it doesnt work at all.

Use Row Owners.
Add an email column to the table that has your questions/answers, and save each users email address in that column. Then apply Row Owners to that column.