Connect spreadsheet with external db


I wrote before that I am trying to do a membership app. Glide fits perfectly however my one and only concern is data migration with an external back office.

This is how it should work:

  • user pays for membership and: his membership is confirmed, expiry date assigned, he gets redeeming points
    Then we will have some movement on redeeming points, users will be able to earn more, lose etc.
    All the above data should be visible on the screen and also react to any change in points, validity etc.

Now, this is in the external DB. I guess I can get links to users summary table to fetch this data even as URL but I am not sure if Glide app will be refreshing this links at all (and if yes, then how often).

As long as you refresh the data in the Google Sheet from that external DB, Glide will refresh its data from there.

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