Confusion regarding the Web Embed feature in Glide App

In the insert component table, it shows that this feature will be unlocked after upgrading to Pro. However, in the pricing section, it says that the Web Embed feature can be enabled by buying the Starter Pack.

I am confused about which one is correct. If I upgrade to Starter Pack, will I be able to use the Web Embed feature? Or do I need to buy the Pro Pack?

I want to use this feature to embed Google Sheets in my App.

I would appreciate it if anyone could clarify this for me.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 155000

I can confirm that itโ€™s available on the Starter Plan.

The tag in the components list is wrong, Iโ€™ll bring that to the attention of the appropriate folks at Glide.


Thank you so much, Darren