Confused about Roles and Owners

I’m not sure I am using Role based security correctly. I’ve read all the documentation from Glide and I’ve read a lot of posts on role based security but I want to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

  • I have a user profiles table that has: email, name, roles array
  • I have an input form that collects data
  • I have a row owners array in the table that contains the form data
  • I am using VALUES FROM USER PROFILE Role Array columns to assign roles to the Owner Array Columns in the table for the data
  • Am I doing this correctly?
  • What happens when I create a new Role that needs to be able to access existing data that does not include that Role as an owner?

I have looked at this post but it’s not clear whether that table is the user profile table or the data table: Row owners and roles in the same time? - #5 by Darren_Murphy


Yes, that sounds right. When you say Owner Array columns, do you mean your data comes from an attached Google Sheet with columns named like Owner 1, Owner 2, etc?
If that’s the case, then that’s fine. Just so long as you aren’t trying to use computed columns as Row Owners. (Glide wouldn’t let you do that, anyway).

You would need to add another Owner column to your data table, and fill it with that role name.

Yes, that’s a User Profile table. Roles are only ever assigned in a User Profiles table.

If you still have doubts about your setup, post a couple of screen shots (of your User Profiles and Data tables) and we should be able to tell by looking at them if you have it setup correctly.

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