Configure the SMTP For Notification Emails

I suggest having a feature where we can control the notification system email from the Apps and set a domain or a notification SMTP through our servers rather than using as a part of the branding removal plan as if you searched on Google you can find this and many users had issues that this email sometimes goes to spam or they don’t know who is this

So we can have the configuration either Account wise or App wise and since its better, if its account wise so it can affect all of our apps to save time in the configuration if this possible

Hello, you allready can do it with Zapier.

Hey Carter,

Thank you for your valued feedback, but Zapier is a paid service and if we are creating templates it won’t work as it will be costing us as developers, so triggering webhooks or Zapier will cost in each action, and secondly data of several apps will mixed together in case of copying the app.