Computed Spreadsheet

Hi, I want to use computed spreadsheet as shown on a template below

as you can see the picture has a computed spreadsheet so you can add or subctract some values.

but when I build my app from scratch, I cant find it.

how to enable that features? do I have to make a payment first? or upgrade?

as you can see, I cant find it if build from scratch

You should have access to all computed column types, regardless of which plan you are on.

What do you see if you try it from inside the Data Editor? (click the icon shown below)

I tried, but I still cant fint the computed menu

Okay, one question - do you see this when adding a new column, or are you trying to edit an existing column?

If you’re trying to change an existing column, that won’t work. Once a column is created as a non-computed type, it can’t be changed to a computed type.

as you can see, on the template, they have math type or computed spread sheet

how to enable it?

It’s enabled by default.

But please note my previous question & comment.

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oh I see, so I need to make a new column to have computed value. I will try it thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Youre really helpfull man! bless youu