Computed Columns are not updated for Show Form and Edit Form screens

I have Template, IF-ELSE, Experimental Code columns in my table. None of them are refreshing in GUI. I mean I have “Create form” and when I am setting basic columns - it doesn’t update dependent controls.

One example: I have 2 Choice controls “Hours” and “Minutes”, and a Template column that joins texts to “Start Time - HH:MM”. When I change Hours or minutes, Text control with Template value is not updated.

Same when I edit row with Edit Form Screen.

That’s because a form does not write any data to the table until you submit. It will not work in a form. You would be better off creating a custom form if you want to do calculations in real time.

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Yes, sad that computed columns are not computing in a state of limbo. Custom Forms will require doing a lot of things manually(such as controlling Required fields, no Cancel/Done buttons, etc.)

Recategorizing this as this is not a bug.

Yes, custom forms are more work, but provide a lot more functionality. If done correctly, you can still have a cancel or done button, and those buttons could be set to show only when all required values are filled.