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Hello everyone,
I have Q&A forum, where i want to send a email to the person who has asked the question, after the question gets more than 3 answers. Can anyone help me with this.

One of the Glide experts will provide a better answer than me - but this should be possible with a count field and some automations.

However - my approach to this would be using Airtable as the backend as their automations I find my powerful.

Another option, if you don’t want to use Airtable, could be to use Make (Integromat) which connects to loads of email services.

But Glide experts may have a better answer


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@Andrew_Davies Sure, Thank you for you response.

I think this is the way to go. I assume you’re using a form for people to submit answers.

  • Create a relation from the questions table to the answers table, make it a multiple match.

  • Use a rollup to count the total number of answers.

  • Create a single relation from the answers table to the questions table.

  • Use a lookup to get back the total number of answers.

  • Trigger an on-submit email action when the total number of answers (lookup field) equals 4 (so you won’t send it on the 5th, 6th, etc answer).

The reason I used a two-sided solution is to avoid a self-relation on the same table, which might contribute to a decrease in performance based on some threads in this forum. I’m not absolutely sure if the lookup value will be available that fast for the on-submit action, though.


Thank you so much it worked.

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