Compare a future date if < 5:00PM

Hoping this can be achieved via Glide Tables. I have the following columns:

lastBookingTime is a date in the future (Jul 10th, 2.30PM)

lastBooking+1hr is the date above + 1 hour

I am trying to do a simple IF-ELSE as follows;

IF lastBooking+1hr < 5:00 PM (Jul 10th, 5.00PM)

How do I set 5:00 PM to July 10th a date in the future to do the comparison?


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I think you can use math column to add hours using decimals,
because if 1 is a day, then 1 hour is a twenty-fourth of a day.
Try, i’m not in front my pc.

I get that…the question is more, how do I set a date/Time of Jul 10th, 2:30PM to be Jul 10th, 5:00PM

all the dates are dynamic, I want to set 5:00PM to all of them

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Ok, so if I understand, for example if the date/time is Jul 11th, 1:15PM the new date must be anyway Jul 11th, 5:00 PM ?

This is adapted from something that @ThinhDinh gave me recently. It could possibly be simplified…


The first part of the formula finds midnight on the date in question, and then we add 17 hours (17/24) to get 5pm.


that worked! - Thanks Darren!

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