Comments made clickable

I tried to search in the forum but to my surprise I haven’t seen anything here about this:

Can we have the comments clickable so that you can see the profile of a user who commented? That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Keep up the awesome work!

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Good request. In my apps when I make a 1v1 chat I always include 2 “profile pictures” at the top so people can access their own profile or the other’s profile, that’s my best bet as of now.

Hmm… do mind sharing a screenshot of this?

Something like this.


Superb!!! Nicely done!! What is your flow for users to create their own private comments page they can also delete?

The native comments can only be deleted by the admin if I recall right. The admin can also only delete them in the Editor.

If you want something like the above screenshot, it’s a 1v1 chat.

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This is awesome!! You set a lot of variations in the data editor to get this up and running, right?

It was from @Lisa, I just adapted it for a lot of my apps. If you need help setting it up do let me know.

Thanks a lot! Much appreciated! I am going to try to set up something like this right now…

I have been playing around with this and it’s working pretty great! Can I ask you what formular did you use to get the latest comment/time to be inserted in the chat sheet?

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I do the steps below:

  • Duplicate the ‘App: Comments’ sheet, let’s call it “Messages” by using a formula, something like:

    ={'App: Comments!'A:F'}

  • In the editor, in the “Chats” sheet, create a relation linking the unique chat ID (you should have that) to the chat ID in the “Messages” sheet. Remember to set the “topic” of the comment components in each of your 1v1 chat to be the unique chat ID so we can make relations, set it to match multiple.

  • Make a rollup using the relation above, getting back the latest date.

  • Create a template column joining the unique chat ID & the latest date we just get back in the “Chats” sheet.

  • In the “Messages” sheet, make the same template column, but here we join the chat ID with the timestamp column.

  • Make a relation matching the template column in the “Chats” sheet with the template column in the “Messages” sheet, set it to match single.

  • In the “Chats” sheet, create a lookup that get back the Comments from the relation above, that should be the latest one.


thank you very much! I see I new to learn a few more things but i will check this out. Thanks again!

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Hi! I see that your screenshot has “start a video call”. What is your button linked to?

That is linked to a Zoom/Hangouts link :smile: