Comment component issue

l have a items of cars on collection components, l also added comment component to each car but whenever a comment is made on a car, it reflects on other items of car, l don’t want that, how can l rectify that??

You’ll want to create some sort of “thread ID”—possibly the RowID of the car record. Write this value to the comments table and then filter your comments component where “thread ID” matches Screen → ID


Thanksss for your reply, l sort of get the thread ID… But what table(sheet) will the screen ID be coming from??

It would be the RowID of the car, so whichever table has that car’s ID.

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Thankss, l am confused about the Thread ID…can you explain better, please check the attached image

on the thread ID you suggest, can you explain better?? you made mention of writing some value, l don’t fully understand …Thanksss

Add an additional “Thread ID” column in your Comments table, a normal text column.


In the Additional Columns section on the right, point the rowID column of your Vehicles table to it.

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God bless you… may you increase in knowledge