Comma Separated Form Number Input

Is It Possible to Make a Input Specialized for number input that dynamically show thousand comma separator, so whenever my client input a data, that instantly show the thousand separator

In the number entry component, the comma separator does not appear in the entry field and you wish it did?

An idea if you are working from within a detail screen (not an add screen):

  • Add the number entry component to the screen.
  • The number entry component writes to a basic number column. In the display options of the column, check the box to display the comma separator.
  • Back on the screen, display the number just under the number entry component. When the user inputs data in the entry component, the number below with the comma separator will change in real time.

This won’t work on an add screen since the data isn’t pushed to the table until the user hits submit.

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Appreciated the Input you gave . :+1:

But i guess its a bit akward since it became like we have to store the data twice not at once. :rofl:

btw, tysm.

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