Combine Glide with other no code front ends?

Hi everyone. This post might be uncouth, I don’t know, but I am just really stuck and need help. I am trying to pick the right platform as my company moves from MVP to launch. I want to stick with no/low code because speed is still a must, and we don’t have the resources to build out the product from scratch.

I built our MVP on Glide and it is working great for the most part, so switching to a different platform is not something I want to do. That said, the #1 piece of feedback we’ve gotten from MVP users is that they hate the email pin for login. Whether I think that makes sense or not - I really need to listen to that. The backend being confined to Glide tables or Google Sheets is also problematic, but I understand that they will be releasing other backends soon, starting with Airtable. In the meantime, webhooks can allow for connecting to other backends.

There are some other “nice to have” features available on other platforms, like a user “drag-and-drop” kanban block on Softr, for example.

In an ideal world, I’d be able to take the advantages of two platforms, like Softr and Glide, and combine them into my product. So, for example, using the user management features and some design elements from Softr, but the advanced logic available in Glide. But I can’t figure out if that’s possible, and certainly don’t know how to operationalize it without having a jarring experience for users.

Any thoughts? Anyone come up against the same questions/concerns?

Hey! @Kyan_Lynch
With Glide you can do really more than any other no-code platforms. And i am not joking about it or being baseless! I have tried over 35 No Code Platforms and Glide has made me stick to it.
I am a Native App Developer and I chose Glide over that.
You data concerns wont be concerns anymore once Airtable comes into picture.
I am also working MySQL and connecting it to the Glide App via JS. So pretty much solves the concern for data.
Beautifying, well, nothing better than glide. It has pre-built beautiful UI and gives you access to Rich Text which can do wayy more!
Email login yeah! The pin may hurt! Thus you have google login directly and that should solve half your problems.
If you choose private pro, you can have password login as well (Another angle to look towards).
Drag and drop has been part of glide for a some time now.


Thanks for your reply, @ShantanuIyengar

I am with you on how good Glide is, which is why I am trying to stay with it. The google login doesn’t solve my problem because (1) users will need to sign in with their organization email (not google) and (2) some of our customers’ institutions do not allow access to gmail from work computers.

Perhaps I’m behind the times, but I don’t think end-user drag and drop is possible? Allowing a user to take a card from one place and move it to another, for example?

By password login, do you mean setting one password for the app? That won’t work since it really needs to be customized based on the individual user.

The other, less significant pain point is not having a rich text entry field for end users. They don’t like having to use Markdown language. Do you have any workaround for that?

You could give them text box and you write css around the box to make it look better…