Column is user-specific, all should be colored blue

Column is user-specific, all should be colored blue, (right now only columns with no logic formulas are blue) is so hard to find which one is User specific, right now the only way, is to delete and construct from scratch if you suspect that you forgot make it user specific…
it will save a lot of time to find error in setting up columns

as you can see on the picture, all of these columns are user specific, but only one with no formula is highlighted blue.

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So you’re saying if only one of the things that construct the column is user-specific then it should be colored blue?

i’m saying, when you check mark column as user specific, it should be blue, right now only one that are blue, are the one which have no formula

But you can only mark basic columns as user specific, you’re showing calculated columns in the screenshot.

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Yeah, like @ThinhDinh said, there is no such thing as a user specific computed column. Computed columns do not have a checkbox to make the column user specific or not. Computed columns can be built using a combination of data from user specific as well as non user specific data, so how would you color it if it uses data from both sources? Besides, computed columns are only computed on the user’s device, so in sense, they are always user specific and the data is computed on the fly for the user viewing only the data they have access to.

You could always use a specific naming structure to group columns or indicate if they a “user specific” or not. All my user specific columns begin with “us-”. Normally I name computed columns based on their function (“if-”, “mth-”, “rel-”, “lkup-”, “rlup-”) but you could name those columns with a “us-” if you preferred.